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Username: AnGeL0301

Email: AngelGurl3301@hotmail.com

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Date Joined: May 23 2003

Date Joined This Board: 14:11:05 Sun Nov 23 2003

Personal Bio: -info- Name: Allison, so you can call me that \ Age: 13 \ Location: Somewhere in the USA... \ Likes to: Surf the web, watch TV, read, write, act, SOMETIMES draw (I'm noramally not a very good aritst, but I have my good moments XD) \ Top Two Fave TV Shows: Kim Possible and Jimmy Neutron \ Top Five Fave Ships: Kim/Ron (KP), Drakken/Shego (KP), Jimmy/Cindy (JN), Sheen/Libby (JN), Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter) \ Fave Fictional Chars: Ron Stoppable (KP), Sheen Estevez (JN), Cindy Vortex (JN), Ron Weasly (HP), Luna Lovegood (HP..she's too funny) \ Cartoon Crush?: RON!! But actually, he's just my biggest one, I have lots more..\ Things to Watch Out For: I have tendancies to be very weird, obsessive, and I like to ramble a lot.

I am currently offline. My current mood: Moody