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Username: Candi Pendable

Email: dark_water_izumi@yahoo.com

Total Posts: 20

Posts On This Board: 20

Location: Somewhere

Date Joined: Mar 28 2004

Date Joined This Board: 01:18:00 Sun Mar 28 2004

Personal Bio: Yo, wazzup? Candi Pendable here, but I think you already knew that :P My real name IS Candi though, so feel free to call me that. Or CP, CB (from CBIzumi), or whatever you want. I'm even called Ron-san by my friends, but eh, I'll get to that later ^^; You wanna know about me? Check out my links. Anything else, e-mail me at dark_water_izumi@yahoo.com. Check ya later ^^

I am currently offline.