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Username: Eka

Email: ipheinryn@hotmail.com

Total Posts: 3

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Location: Canada

Date Joined: Jun 13 2004

Date Joined This Board: 19:10:03 Sun Jun 13 2004

Personal Bio: Yo! ^_^ So... Me. Eka. My life... Riveting, no? Okay, maybe not. But I haven't even told you anything about it yet. What would you like to know? I'm into Disney; Fillmore, Kim Possible and the like. Love anime, Cowboy Bebop being, of course, the best anime on the planet! But am also huge fan of Gravitation, Yami no Matsuei, and Digimon for all of their slashy goodness ^^. Then there's Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, both good in their own right, but the slashy goodness takes it all up a notch. ^_^ Hello Kitty obsessor. "I love penny candies because they're tiny and bright"! X_x **dies** Sewing, drawing, writing, reading. AND OMG! I'M GOING TO JAPAN IN SEPTEMBER! ENVY ME~! XD!

I am currently offline.