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Username: Hitoki

Email: hitokitenshi@aol.com

Total Posts: 53

Posts On This Board: 53

Location: England!

Date Joined: Feb 28 2004

Date Joined This Board: 18:53:08 Mon Mar 1 2004

Personal Bio: I'm...me! I like any division of rock whatsoever. Classic, emo, hard rock, acid rock, soft rock, opera rock, metal even some indie rock. Vive le ROCK! =D I also like being... happy! I like pie too. I'm a huge fan of macabre humour like Tim Burton, Roman Dirge and Jhonen Vasquez. My favourite comic books are the 'Nny trilogy. I like science fiction novels. I love Kim Possible, despite not being a major shipper of any couples anymore. =D I'm a huge fan of slash, mainly because of my best friend. (puts arm round him) ^_^ And Matthew Davies of Funeral for a Friend RULES, yo. ;)

I am currently offline. My current mood: Headphone_Heaven