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Username: SonicElectronic

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Location: Canada

Date Joined: Jan 2 2004

Date Joined This Board: 06:41:45 Tue Jan 6 2004

Personal Bio: hai~ I'm SE, or A. King^^ Let's see, a KP-type profile, h'm? Well, my fav characters are Ron and Shego and I'm a 100% KimxRon shipper ~yay! <3 I want to be a movie director/scriptwriter/author and maybe an animator *too amibitious* So, reading that, I love to draw and write (and read!). Sorry, I can't take art trades right now, but I will do comissions *poorpoor* I'd love to do a KP manga if I had the time (online of course, otherwise Disney would sue me and I have no money $__$)~ thanks for reading ~nyo!! ^--^


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