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Username: doodlebug0701

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Personal Bio: Hi there :). Well what can I tell you 'bout myself then, um other than the fact that there's not much because, well I'm a bit boring and I'm also a big kid at heart. Anyway I don't have many interests but sometimes I enjoy gaming and occasionally listening to music. As for tv, I don't hardly watch it anymore, because there doesn't seem to be much that keeps my interest anymore. I like to watch things like my local news programmes and Top Gear (But not so much because it's a car show, but more for entertainment. It's quite popular even with those who aren't even into nor know nothing like me about cars because it's quite funny) and a few of the sideline programmes and specials (i.e. from the same presenters). I don't watch movies hardly either. I have a load of dvds but can be bothered to dig them out and put them in the player. I also like that MOTAS game (Mystery of time and space) here: which I haven't played for ages as there hasn't been any new levels added in months. Anyway that's about all I can think of so buh-bye then! Here's a few of the boards I belong to: (Bird gardening and nature, for those viewing this from outside the board) (for all Real Networks related stuff and basic chillout) Shamefully I have an account at (For those in the UK who have Sky tv mainly to discuss programmes, but anyone anywhere can join and chill in the general section) Boards for my local newpaper a couple of boards I don't visit anymore because I've lost interest or they're full of spam and rubbish. A couple more boards regarding some interests of mine. a couple of personal related boards. Lastly the typing box really should be bigger

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