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Username: Polo123

Email: Private

Total Posts: 1675

Posts On This Board: 1601

Location: Lancs, UK

Date Joined: Apr 20 2003

Date Joined This Board: 16:36:34 Sun Apr 20 2003

Personal Bio: 8 year old white boxer - born 1/2/3 (1st Feb) named Polo, extremely friendly & just adores company! Shares the house with 2 skin sisters, aged 22 & 19 (the eldest of whom is engaged & cannot wait to get a boxer of her own - just realised need to update this as she now has her own home, is married & expecting our first grandchild & an adorable red who's nearly 2!) and 2 feline brothers who tend to give him a wide berth!

I am currently offline. My current mood: Loopy